"The Muppets" Movie Trailer Avengers-Style

Okay, so maybe Walt Disney Pictures has decided That they've put out enough parody trailers for The Muppets, but that does not mean That we're tired of seeing Them ... even if they're fan-made. While not a true "parody" trailer like Disney's "Green with Envy" (rom-com), "The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo" (thriller), "Being Green" (superhero), and "Fuzzy Pack" (raunchy comedy) trailers, the trailer ScreenRant put together for The Muppets made ​​us chuckle enough to want to share it with you. All of the footage is from the previous trailers for the movie, but the dialogue and music come from the trailer for Marvel Studios' super-team movie, The Avengers. Enjoy!
The Movie Trailer :

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The Bang Bang Club: Moral Boundaries Fotojurnalisme

"The Thing" Top 25 scariest horror movies

The Thing Featurette Shows the Connection to John Carpenter's Version

Scientists in the chilly Antarctic get more than they bargained for when an alien begins wiping them out. John Carpenter used Howard Hawks's 1951 The Thing from Another World as the basis for this 1982 classic, which saw Kurt Russell reuniting with the director after the pair struck gold with the previous year's Escape from New York.
Movie Trailer :

The past few weeks have been very kind to those anxiously awaiting Universal's upcoming The Thing, as they have been treated to several preview clips, a red band trailer, and an international trailer.

Set in the Norwegian camp that was investigated by Kurt Russell in John Carpenter's 1982 The Thing, the prequel is giving fans another opportunity to get quick look at the new movie. This new featurette which answers one of the most critical questions fans have of the prequel: how closely will it adhere to Carpenter's flick?

According to executive producer J. Miles Dale, there was a lot of "reverse-engineering" involved in making the latest Thing match its predecessor.

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'Do not Be Afraid Of The Dark' Not Horror Films

When Guillermo del Toro announced that he is working on a film remake of the 1973 television movie with the same title DO NOT be afraid OF THE DARK, of course all the fans of this talented visionary look forward relisnya passionate film starring Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes .

Since the success of Del Toro worked on films such as Blade II (2002), Hellboy (2004, 2008), and Pan's Labyrinth (2006), name him as the director, writers, and designers are highly revered by the genre of dark fantasy fanatic. Creativity Del Toro in creating and designing a unique fantasy world thanks to his admiration with the elements of fairy tale story is a realization of a fruitful imagination into a spectacular work.

In a film Do not Be Afraid Of The Dark which he regarded as the fruit of his heart since childhood experiences fear when watching the original version on television, one of Del Toro invite friends and colleagues whom he had often worked the Matthew Robbins. Together, they just act as a writer and producer, and film directing responsibilities given to the director Troy Nixey Newcomer of the more famous as a comic artist.
Unfortunately, the results are eagerly awaited by the fans this would get a reaction and reviews different, where the majority of spectators and commentators argue that the film Do not Be Afraid of The Dark was incompatible with what they expect. In fact, with Del Toro and Robbins's genius in creating a more carry the horror story in building tension than gore, and the compliments that have been obtained with director Troy Nixer short film Latchkey's Lament (2007), the film Do not Be Afraid Of The Dark is actually very expected as the savior of the horror genre that is increasingly unclear.

Trailler :

Directors: Troy Nixey
Writers: Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Robbins
Stars: Bailee Madison, Guy Pearce, Katie Holmes
Category: Horror

The Bang Bang Club: Moral Boundaries Fotojurnalisme

'A picture speaks a thousand words.' This is a common proverb of the most famous adage used to describe the art of photography. THE BANG BANG CLUB, a film based on the true story of four photo-journalist covering the civil war between Inkatha and ANC supporters in South Africa in the 90s, explains the meaning of the meaning of a picture frame in telling a news event. However, when it comes to human lives threatened by dying in vain, whether photo-journalism can be termed as a medium for the delivery of news and give you an idea reminiscent contextual reality of the world, or just an exploitation of human suffering without moral boundaries?
Based on a book with the same title by photographer Greg Marinovich and João Silva, the writer and film director Steven Silver South Africa sought to depict the moral dilemmas that plagued a photo journalist in the midst of civil war between two factions in the last days of apartheid South Africa - before the state was eventually joined by the leadership of Nelson Mandela.

"All those people who
say it's our job to just sit
and watch people die.
They're right. "
-Kevin Carter

Greg Morinovich (Ryan Phillippe) is a talented freelance photographers who follow her instincts to find the news interesting. In one incident, he met with three news photographers from Star Picture under the leadership of Robin Comley (Malin Akerman). They are Kevin Carter (Taylor Kitsch), Ken Oosterbroek (Frank Rautenbach), and João Silva (Neels Van Jaarsveld) is renowned as a group of photographers who are always testing the guts to take a picture in the middle of a dangerous situation.

After Greg proved his ability as a photographer with the award-winning Pulitzer Prize for his photo depicting a burn victim who ran to save himself, he and the third photographer to become familiar and known as The Bang Bang Club.

Those with a compact continue capturing images of all incidents of violent conflict and violent feud between the central stronghold of power in South Africa. No longer stand the brutality that occurred there, Kevin decided to go to Sudan where he managed to shoot a photo that depicts a famine in the toddler seek vultures.

Thanks to the picture, she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. But when his name reaches popularity, he would be questioned about his moral obligations in taking the picture: whether he ultimately save the child after taking a photo, or simply exploit the situation to get a good picture? '

Overall, the film The Bang Bang Club actually raised a moral theme that touches and should be discussed. Unfortunately, because Steven Silver is more familiar with the work of documentation is a director who is new in cinema working on the big screen, then the execution of the storyline and cinematography that does not bear the maximum so that the end result does not seem to have a clear identity of the film.

Films with this theme is very heavy
too mixed with
elements of a mainstream action-adventure.

And although this film does illustrate the power of photography, but not in foster political and social problems South Africa a more in-depth making of The Bang Bang Club is hard to be understood by the general public. To better understand this film, the audience is highly recommended to read the book earlier, or more importantly to understand the history of apartheid South Africa.

But beyond the cultivation of the director, acting from Ryan Phillippe and Taylor Kitsch in the commendable role of a photographer who began to be burdened by the profession. Especially for Kitsch who plays Kevin Carter, he was able to describe a true artist who eventually took his own life because there is strong moral questions that attacked her.

Directors: Steven Silver
Writers: Steven Silver
Stars: Malin Akerman, Ryan Phillippe, Taylor Kitsch
Category: Drama, Historical Drama
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