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The Thing Featurette Shows the Connection to John Carpenter's Version

Scientists in the chilly Antarctic get more than they bargained for when an alien begins wiping them out. John Carpenter used Howard Hawks's 1951 The Thing from Another World as the basis for this 1982 classic, which saw Kurt Russell reuniting with the director after the pair struck gold with the previous year's Escape from New York.
Movie Trailer :

The past few weeks have been very kind to those anxiously awaiting Universal's upcoming The Thing, as they have been treated to several preview clips, a red band trailer, and an international trailer.

Set in the Norwegian camp that was investigated by Kurt Russell in John Carpenter's 1982 The Thing, the prequel is giving fans another opportunity to get quick look at the new movie. This new featurette which answers one of the most critical questions fans have of the prequel: how closely will it adhere to Carpenter's flick?

According to executive producer J. Miles Dale, there was a lot of "reverse-engineering" involved in making the latest Thing match its predecessor.

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